2015 was a huge year for LeetGeek and it provided time for reflection.

We took the time to assess how far we have come since the company was founded in 2007. It may be news to you that the company was originally founded by Richard Stafford as a platform for selling geek inspired clothing whilst he worked as an IT manager at one of Adelaide's leading creative agencies. It was repurposed when he ventured out as a sole trader in the IT field. At the time, the brand was something different, something new. It reflected the disruptive nature of Richard's approach to the IT industry.

Since then the company has grown, evolved and matured.    
It has been an incredible journey of growth and learning and after assessing feedback from clients, partners and even competitors it became clear that the LeetGeek name no longer accurately reflected the company that we are today.

It was time for a change but to what?    

We undertook an internal review and deconstructed everything that we do and most importantly why we do it. Our focus is and always has been on requirements analysis and outcome focused solutions for our customers.    

It is not the technology itself that is important but the outcomes that the technology achieves. What good is new technology implementation in a business or school if it does not improve the efficacy or efficiency of the user processes?

So we decided that we wanted to break free from the IT name category standards.

We needed to define clearly what our purpose is:

"We exist to facilitate and empower our staff and customers to realise their potential."

We want one thing more than anything else and that's to make people fly. That gave us some clear direction on where we wanted to take the brand.
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Blackbird.

We're sure that the new name is going to ruffle a few feathers but we are looking forward to helping our customers and our staff reach new heights. Here's to soaring in 2016!

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